Final (Planning) -- The Hand

Tong and I decided to team up again for the Pcomp final. We want to continue exploring human-computer communication with robotic/humanoid arms, but in a larger context than rock, paper, scissors. Both of us are interested in how humans experience "connection" with computer devices, and how we can create that experience when users interact with these humanoid arms. UPDATE (Nov 13): We spent the week after play testing finalizing our design, integrating the leap motion, and updating the hardware. Tong posted a nice write up of our current design on her blog.

I spent the week porting/rewriting the game code in JavaScript, and wrote a node.js app that reads in frames from the leap motion and talks to the arduino via the johnny-five library. We printed new parts for a movable wrist, and will begin assembling them Wednesday when the additional servo comes in the mail.

We have a shared doc with BOM, project plan, and system diagram. Updated screenshots below:


Project Plan:

Do It Once - Do It Again

For my 14-week project in the Prototyping Electronic Devices class I would like to build a self-contained, remote weather station that operates via GPRS (2G). Ideally, parts will be low cost (> $20) and relatively simple. The device will be built into a waterproof enclosure with a solar panel on the outside. The solar panel will charge a battery, which will provide power to the circuit. The circuit will pull data from a variety of sensors (inputs) at a specified time interval and then transmit that data to an AWS server (outputs), which will be displayed on an HTML page, potentially with some basic data visualization or simply in a table.


  • Tempature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Rain sensor


  • Sensor outputs posted to database via GPRS
  • Possible data visualization overlay for database data


Presentation Tuesday, October 31st:

  • What it is?
  • Making process
  • Thoughts and questions
  • Next steps
  • 5 minute presentation