3 Final Project Ideas

1. Freida -- No Wait Food Freida is a 28 year old chef who works as a recipe developer for a meal-kit company. She spends the majority of her day on her feet working in a test kitchen. Most nights when she gets off work she is tired and does not want to cook dinner for herself.

However, she often finds that she "can’t find a decent restaurant without a wait, and wastes [her] limited time and money on experiences/food that is underwhelming."

  She wishes there was an easy way to find restaurants/bars nearby that had available seats.

IDEA: Website/app that pulls data from restaurant reservation APIs (Resy, OpenTable, etc) and shows bar/restaurants in the area that have availability within a certain time window (ex. now to 30min). This would work even better if I could get POS data from restaurants to see open tables/open bar seats, but would require more access.


2. Dan -- Fitness to the People

Dan is a 31 year old personal trainer and climber who owns his own personal training business that operates out of a climbing gym in the city.

When he's not training clients, Dan spends a lot of time studying peer reviewed research on strength, mobility, and wellness. Dan also has Crohn's disease, and is very interested in nootropics.

Dan wants to share the knowledge he has gained through his training and research, especially to the climbing commmunity, but believes that this information would get lost in the sea of information if it were a blog. He is not interested in making money from this.

IDEA: Build a platform for centralized knowledge distribution to climbers. Interview other climbers to understand where they get their training/mobility/wellness information currently (or if at all) and develop a platform for distribution.


  3. Katie -- Natural Wine Recommendations

Katie is a 26 year old yoga teacher who teaches at an upscale studio in tribeca.

Katie loves to drink wine with friends, and recently has become especially interested in natural/biodynamic wines. However, she is frustrated by the lack of easily available information (and gate-keeping) on natural wines. Rather than being forced to go to specialty wine shops and ask for suggestions, Katie would like to be able to get recommendations on her phone.

IDEA: Build a website/app that allows user to track the natural wines they drink and provides recommendations based on the users' choices. It should also show the user where they can purchase the wine--data is available via winetracker API. Additionally, allow user to select food and provide them with recommend wine pairings.

Week 1 -- Statement of Purpose

What's in a name?

I don't really like the word manifesto, it sounds archaic to me. Manifesto conjures up images in my head of a text about that plight of the proletariat that bears little relevance to my everyday life. As corporate-speak as it might sound, I think statement of purpose better conveys what I am aiming for.

With that in mind, I wrote a statement of purpose for myself as a creator, maker, and artist.

I will create work that is honest, engaging, and challenging. Work that challenges me--and inspires others--to push boundaries. Work that makes the world a better place. Work that forces me to grow my skills, to empathize with others, and to be fully present.

I will focus on the human side of design and experience, rather than just the technical. I will follow through and complete projects, even when I don't want to. I will express my voice, fully and authentically, without regard to the judgement of others.  I will empower others to find their voice.

I can't wait to revisit this in a year, 5 years, 10 years to see what changes and what doesn't!