An exploration of novel human-computer interface devices



As our digital culture continues to affect our internal reward systems, how can we shape the future of game play by merging virtual and physical space? How can we influence and challenge the public’s perspective on how they see themselves interacting with computers?

Kitchen Mania addresses these questions by turning familiar household appliances into novel forms of human-computer interaction, creating functional interface devices that simultaneously perform real physical tasks. Two devices were created for Kitchen Mania: the PulpPad and the conROLLER. We used screen-based game control as a starting point for understanding and exploring new methods of interacting with physical computer interfaces. While playful, we believe these controllers show the viability of highly accurate / low latency passive sensing of existing electronic appliances for a range of uses.

Shown At

Brooklyn Research

The Weekly Weekly

NYC Maker Faire 2018


The PulpPad consists of 4 electric juicers arranged in a directional pad layout. When a juicer is pressed down, a current sensor sends an analog signal to a microcontroller. The microcontroller runs state detection code, sensitive to 1/10th of a second, which allows for accurate HID input to a computer. LEDs illuminate the controller housing when a juicer is pressed, providing additional visual feedback to the player.


The conROLLER is rolling pin controller built from acrylic tubing. When the pin is rolled across a surface, the acrylic body rotates while the gear attached to the axle remains fixed. The axle rotation moves the gears on the rotary encoder, providing directionality in code. The custom designed handles feature an ergonomic, rubberized grip, a pushbutton switch, and embedded haptic feedback motors.


  • Arduino IDE

  • Eagle

  • Blender

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • OtherMill Desktop CNC


  • Teensy 3.2

  • Custom PCB

  • Custom 3D printed handles

  • Current sensors

  • RGB leds (WS2812b)

  • Haptic motors

  • Rotary encoder


  • Physical computing

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Circuit design & fabrication

  • 3D design & printing

  • Digital fabrication

My role

  • Concept creation

  • Physical & interaction design

  • Software development

  • PCB design & fabrication