[Week 5] Final Project Design


I am making a 2 meter (144-145MHz) radio beacon for my thesis work. I want to be able to transmit morse code over 2 meter FM (or APRS packets) without having to pipe my data into in existing handheld transmitter (my current solution). This device will consist of a microcontroller, RF transceiver IC, voltage regulator, low pass filter, lcd, and resistor ladder to handle audio output. The IC runs at 4.5V, so I will use a programmable voltage regulator.


  • ATMega328 / ATTiny84

  • DRA818V RF Transceiver IC

  • LT1085 voltage regulator

  • Capacitors:

    • 2x 30 pF

    • 2x 47 pF

  • 3x inductors @ 56 nH

  • Resistors:

    • 2x 270 ohm

    • 2x 1k ohm

    • 2k ohm

    • 3.3k ohm

    • 3x 10k ohm

  • 16x2 LCD with I2C backpack

  • SMA antenna connector

[Week 3] SMD Letter Board

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 9.03.25 PM.png

[Week 2] - Board Designs

Homemade Hardware week 2 board designs:

  1. ATTiny85 Jig

  2. ATTiny85 LED

  3. ATTiny85 Transistor